Robert Harrison

New studio work from Opposites Attract: A Marriage of Brick and Porcelain

The opportunity to mount a solo exhibition at Turman Larison Contemporary in 2013 was the pretext for an exploration of new ideas I began last year. Raw material for the concept included porcelain vessels, figurines and objects, along with a selection of historic bricks and brick shards I had acquired over the years.The concept for the exhibition was to marry the two seemingly opposite ceramic materials with precise cuts and commercial grade epoxy.


  • 2013

After selecting from my collected materials, and composing the piece, precision cuts were made with diamond bladed saws (one for porcelain and one for brick). Decals, china paints and lusters were then fired onto the surfaces and the pieces meticulously epoxied together. This new work continues my exploration of playing disparate surfaces and textures off of one another; smooth and refined versus rough and heavy. An example of sustainable ceramic practices at work.