Robert Harrison

Sentinal Lanterns at Cesis Castle

In July of 2013 I was invited to a brick symposium in Latvia with a group of like minded artists, including some of my WABA (World Association of Brick Artists) brick mates. Titled Meditation Light, the concept of the symposium was to incorporate some aspect of light into the brick sculptures. Arrangements had been made for us to stay in a wonderful old country house / castle in eastern Latvia, and travel to and from a Soviet era brick factory to create sculptural works from brick. The pieces we made were to be installed in the Latvian town of  Cesis, with the famous 12th Century Cesis Castle at it’s heart and the birthplace of the red and white Latvian flag. Cesis Castle is a fantastic historic ruin, with an amazing history of medieval battles and romantic tales of valor. What an amazing opportunity to make, install and exhibit sculptural brick pieces.

  • 2013
  • Cesis, Latvia
  • Each Lantern 15" Square at base x 48" High

Our group of artistic brickies made a number of site visits to the castle before sorting out individual spots to install our works. I chose two beautiful arched windows in the castle walls to install my Sentinal Lanterns. The opening of the exhibition was pure magic with hundreds of people from Riga in attendance. When the sun set and the imbedded lights came on, each and every piece radiated energy. A symposium and installation that will long be remembered!