Robert Harrison

Ellensburg Gateway

Commissioned for the City of Ellensburg, Washington, the site for this project was carefully considered. the archway is meant to welcome visitors to the Ellensburg City Hall with visual images of the Ellensburg cultural and physical environment. Clay pipe produced by the Mission Clay Pipe Company anchor the piece to the site. Through a year long research process that included public engagement, visual images and descriptive text important to the Ellenburg area were collected. Gallery One / Visual Arts Center, and the Ellensburg Arts Council were instrumental in the concept of the project and raising the funds for construction. Ceramic transfer decals were produced and fired onto the porcelain tiles along with ceramic china paint for the arch. Vintage Ellensburg brick were incorporated into the design of the piece adding historical context. Wood slabs for the two benches was locally sourced.

  • 2018
  • Ellensburg, Washington
  • 32' L x 10' H