Robert Harrison

Eucalyptical Arch

Eucalyptical Arch was installed on the campus of Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. Sited in a courtyard of eucalyptus trees and using locally produced brick that were carved, dried and fired at the ceramics department at ANU. The arch incorporates a wide variety of ceramic objects made by students and staff. Ceramics Professors Janet DeBoos and Greg Daly made generous contributions of their work to the arch project.

  • 2009
  • Canberra, Australia
  • 8' Wide x 2' Depth x 9' High

Once the site was chosen, a concrete foundation reinforced with steel rebar throughout was poured. Beginning with the columns the brick and ceramic objects were mortared in place, with additional steel rebar reinforcing tied to the foundation. Once the proper height of the columns was achieved, a wooden arch form was set and then the brick and ceramic objects arch was mortared together. The on-site assembly process allows for intuitive assembly from gathered materials at hand.