Robert Harrison

Goldner Fence and Stack

I was challenged by M&G Golner to replace an existing nondescript fence with one that would compliment the residence. My solution was to employ my palette of familiar re-purposed materials (ABF brick, and ceramic objects and shards) and galvanized steel woven-wire fencing accented with re-claimed aluminum tubing. The flower and grass accented beds are stunning, and compliment the installed art work.

  • 2012
  • Helena, Montana
  • Stack: 3' Wide diameter at base x 8 ' High; Fence: 4' High with 12" Diameter columns

A call went out to potters and ceramic artists in the community to contribute to the project. The fence went up first, followed by the stack piece that anchors the rear of the property. The clients enjoyed participating  in the assembly process, layering brick with ceramic objects from local artists and potters in specific locations in the steel mesh structures.