Robert Harrison

MAM Stacks

MAM Stacks were installed at the Missoula Art Museum for the exhibition Persistence in Clay: Contemporary Ceramics in Montana. One stack was installed on the exterior of the museum and one in the interior, with an exterior wall separating them. The galvanized steel culvert pipe and horse fencing material used in the MAM Stacks is prevalent in the rural ranching communities in Montana and western North America. Aluminum tubing accents the spiraling form of the stacks.

  • 2011
  • Missoula, Montana
  • 4' Diameter at base x 9' High each stack
  • Missoula Art Museum - Missoula, Montana

The interior stack was filled with fire brick (loaned from the ceramics department at the University of Montana) and a collection of repurposed ceramic objects. The exterior stack was filled with common red brick reclaimed from a building demolition site in Missoula. The stack structures are typically fabricated in my Granitewood studio and then assembled on-site, with local materials relevant to the place.