Robert Harrison

Organic House Villages

These Organic House Villages came about after returning from some of my international travels. On these overseas adventures, often building a large-scale site-specific architectural sculpture, I would take some time to build and fire some small hand-sized house pieces. I would make the small houses out of local clay and try to get them dried and fired in some sort of salt/soda or atmospheric wood firing. Decals, china paint and lusters are then applied and fired onto the surfaces.

  • 2012
  • Largest Village: 20" Wide x 5" Depth x 4" High

I would try to make enough of them to give some away as a token of appreciation to those who had helped with the large-scale project and then bring the remaining ones home to my Granitewood, Montana studio. The idea to mount them as a collective village, seemed appropriate, as it often takes a village to get one of my large-scale pieces done in a week or two. I regularly keep some of the small houses as individual pieces, often referring to them as pocket art houses.