Robert Harrison

Sonderborg House

Sonderborg House was designed and built during the first World Association of Brick Artists (WABA) symposium held at Petersen TEGL (brick factory) in Broager, Denmark in 2011. Sonderborg Municipality in southern Denmark along with Petersen TEGL sponsored the symposium. This part of southern Denmark (close to the northern German border) has tremendous natural clay deposits and during it’s nineteenth century heyday had over 120 brick factories lining its fjords. Today only a few factories remain in production. Brick beaches line the edges of some of the local fjords, and hundred year old brick jewels of every color, shape and description await discovery.

  • 2011
  • Broager, Denmark
  • 3' Square at base x 4' High

I diligently collected these brick jewels, along with Danish flint stones and filled the fabricated galvanized steel house form. Each artist was asked to produce a sculpture that would travel to small towns in southern Denmark (hence the forklift accessible concrete and steel base) for a number of years to expose the communities to contemporary forms of artistic expression with brick.