Robert Harrison

Recent Brick and Porcelain Pieces in the Studio

A mass of new work from the winter and spring of 2013 occupying a couple of studio tables. I chose 15 pieces from the 36 or so shown here to exhibit at Turman Larison Contemporary. Some were chosen for the exhibition and found new homes, others remain in the studio. In surveying the studio as pieces were being composed, I chose to re-purpose some of my own small pieces into these new brick and porcelain 3-D collages.

  • 2013

The pieces range in scale from small hand held works, to much larger and more complex pieces. My goal was to juxtapose the roughness of the brick and tile shards with the smooth, refined and often delicate re-purposed porcelain objects. Look for the brick books that have steel piano hinges epoxied into the spines.